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When you’re serving in the most demanding kinds of environments, your footwear must be chosen carefully so you can perform at your best. For exceptional protection and performance in hot weather conditions, trust our Combat Military Boots. It is made with components that will enhance your performance in diverse environments. Polish-able, water-resistant leather and nylon are employed for the upper which keep your feet dry and comfortable. Its breathable moisture wicking liner prevents bacterial buildup and cools down your feet during high activities. The padded collar and tongue offer extra all-day comfort. To enhance speed, a lightweight, flexible, shock-absorbing synthetic compound is engineered for the midsole system which provides superior re-bounce and cushions to your feet. With these practical design features, these boots are a great choice for law enforcement, work personnel, and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Fits true to size, but please for extra careful measure your foot length and choose your size accordingly.

          SIZE CHART

Shoe Size     Foot Length     Foot Length
                            (cm)                   (inch)
       6                   25                      9.84"
       7                  25.5                   10.03"
       8                   26                     10.24"
       9                  26.5                   10.43"
      10                  27                     10.63"
      11                 27.5                   10.83"
      12                  28                     11.02"
      13                 28.5                   11.22"
      14                  29                     11.42"


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