Under Desk Foot Rest

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The Under Desk Foot Rest is perfect solution for cramping, numb and fatigued feet & legs. Keep your feet and legs slightly elevated off the floor for exceptional posture & less ergonomic strain. Non-skid tread surface prevents slippage on most floors & surfaces while feet are comfortably planted on it while sitting at your desk.

The Under Desk Foot Rest design allows a multitude of feet positions to ensure total comfort in any seated position. Manufactured with high-resilient hypoallergenic medical grade foam. The cover is machine washable. Air dry. Makes a great gift for office coworkers & office supplies.


  • The Under Desk Foot Rest is 100% pure supportive foam with no additives and made of the exact same material as the world's leading foam manufacturers.
  • Perfect for the office desk, airplane, or couch.
  • Unlike standard under desk footrest that are half moon shaped, our signature “teardrop” structure and orthopedic design places your feet and legs in a more comfortable and ergonomically correct position.

  • The advanced support foam foot pillow provide comfort & support your plantar fascia, heel, and toes.
  • The cover is equipped with a non-slip fabric so the footrest always stays in place.
  • The special dotted fabric provides the benefit of acupressure to feet and helps in blood circulation in feets and cover is extremely durable and is removable and machine washable.


  1. While "100% memory foam" foot rests flatten during use and offer little support, our Under Desk Foot Rest is high Density Foam was engineered with the perfect firmness to provide you optimal support.
  2. Under Desk Foot Rest provides firm support for your feet and helps ensure your sitting position is upright. Improving your posture has been proven to reduce soreness and fatigue to your back, feet, legs and knees, and will also improve circulation.

  1. The Under Desk Foot Rest measures 17.3" x 11.5" x 3.9", allowing you to sit in a more comfortable position than shorter foot rest pillows. Be sure to check sizes before purchasing to find the right foot rest for you!
  2. For work, home, or travel, your feet (and your back) will love Under Desk Foot Rest made of premium velvet.
  3. Under Desk Foot Rest is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Simply email us a photo of the issue and it will replace your office foot stool, no questions asked.

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