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Tighten some bolts and nuts, screw bindings and slopes with this handy STAINLESS STEEL SNOWFLAKE POCKET TOOL!



It's an 18-n-1 multitool with a snowflake shape for your DIY repairs, easy to store and carry in your pocket. Small and compact, comes with a key ring to hang on your keys or backpack.



The Snowflake Pocket tool comes with a flathead screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver 2#, 3#, Allen key 4, 5, 6, unpacker, bottle opener, hex wrench 1/4, 6,7,8,10,13,14, 7/16,12,5, keyhole.

Each point has a different head, use it to your convenience. This STAINLESS STEEL SNOWFLAKE POCKET TOOL will save the day!




  • Sturdy Body: Made of high concentration metal to withstand heavy lifts, strong twists, and definitely market tested for long use. Use it for all your adventuring needs without the risk of breaking it apart.
  • Compact Tool: Portable multi-tool in the market, enjoy a variety of tools, ready and handy. Easy to store, bring it as a keychain, a necklace, put it on your bag.
  • A Must have: It's the best survival tool anyone must have that is compact and has multiple uses. Perfect for hobbyists, people who love hiking, adventurers, campers, individuals, families, everyone!

Grab the STAINLESS STEEL SNOWFLAKE POCKET TOOL now and save 50% off!

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