Portable Neck Massager

Portable Neck Massager

Portable Neck Massager

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Save money and a visit, or multiple visits, to your chiropractor, because this portable neck massager is your own do-it-yourself massager.

It will fix your aches and pains, from tension headaches, migraines and pinched nerves to muscle strain, shoulder and upper back pain, arthritis, and even a herniated disk—like magic!

With regular massage, applying warm compression or simulating TENS pulsating principles, this best-seller, portable neck massager provides instant and long lasting relief from neck and shoulder stiffness and whole-body discomfort. 


  • multiple modes – the acupuncture mode stimulates different points on your body to alleviate pain and stiffness; the kneading mode, feels like a ‘two real hands’ massage to knead the pain away; the hammer mode provides stronger pressure for knotted muscles and muscle spasms; the comprehensive mode is an all-over relief method and is effective for relaxation, relieving body tension and insomnia
  • heat function – a soothing, constant temperature, which feels as comforting as a warm towel and encourages blood flow and relief to the injured or painful area 
  • micro-current circulation – a gentle electrical nerve stimulation works stiff or painful neck muscles to relax, and effectively relieves swelling, pain and discomfort
  • patch massage – by applying TENS pulse technique, patches are applied to different parts of the body for whole-body relief
  • comfortable fit - an ergonomic design to fit all neck sizes; follows the contours of your neck for a perfect fit


  • holistic - relieves not only neck, shoulder and upper back but also whole-body discomfort
  • long lasting - immediate relief and with daily use will prevent and reduce pain and stiffness
  • convenient – USB chargeable, portable, lightweight, elegant design suitable for the office and when you’re out and about 
  • adjustable – you are in control of the mode, heat and strength of your massage

We use only the highest quality, skin-friendly and durable materials and employ precision craftsmanship to bring you a quality product that you can use in the comfort of your own home, while traveling or when you’re out and about. 

Ease your pain wherever you are, you deserve it!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Concepción Soliz

Muy buen producto, funciona perfectamente , estoy encantada.

Estela Tejada

It's a pass, you feel like a crumb and something on your neck. It works well. I recommend, as I go using it I will say, thank you seller

Verónica Delvalle

Portable Neck Massager

Roberto Valentín

Received product very fast. Good product already tested, good packaging. Super product quality price. Perfectly performs electric pulses It goes fabulous Very happy

Concepción Holguín

Awesome thing. First, thank you for coming to order so quickly. . But less than a month. It usually takes longer. Secondly, I really liked the massager. Super cool massage! I love it! Really relaxing. Really relaxing. At first, the current is like some little boos running; then, as if they were patting on their shoulders (I set the electrodes on my shoulders. These are my problem areas, as they carry on the hands of heavy breasts and the neck and shoulders sink, hurt, and sometimes sleep uncomfortable. In general, the back, the neck, the shoulders hurt, they start. Only before use, remove all the decorations and especially the chains from the neck (or then the shibanet current. I did not take off the gold chain for the first time and I was slightly topped in the area of the chain). I realized that when you turn on, the default start to work automatic mode, which includes all 6 modes. In the instruction In the instruction it is written that before use you need to wipe the skin with a wet towel, that the electrodes must be well attached and that the stickiness of the electrodes to keep, as I understood. And it is also written that there are 6 modes of operation. 1 automatic mode (default) 2 & Omega; 3 push 4 Pressure/voltage 5 array 6 tapping

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