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Portable Mini Washing Machine

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Wash your clothes anywhere and without the mess with the Portable Mini Washing Machine!



This product is a palm-sized washing machine that’s great for washing light and delicate clothing wherever you are. Using high-frequency vibration and ultrasonic disinfection, that allows you to wash and sterilize light clothes hands-free. Suitable for T-shirts, shirts, thin skirts, close-fitting clothes, socks, and other small items. small in design and takes up little space. Suitable for limited spaces such as dormitories, apartments or mobile homes. It is also easy to carry and is ideal for outdoor travels.

The Portable Mini Washing Machine rotates the clothes clockwise and counterclockwise for 15 seconds. After 5 minutes of continuous rotation, the ultrasonic mode will start to sterilize your clothes for 1 minute. It will automatically shut down after 30 minutes of continuous operation. To use: Use the suction cup to attach the machine to the wall of the sink or bucket. Pour water, put on clothes, pour the right amount of detergent into the bucket and connect the power supply. No trouble at all!

  • 360-degree vibration design, all-around cleaning.
  • Super portable mini washing machine, can be put into suitcase or backpack.
  • Effective decontamination: High-frequency vibration can dissolve clothes stain and reduce friction without damage to the clothes.
  • Use high-frequency cavitation effect to form small bubbles and stains, quickly disperse and emulsify, achieve deep cleaning effect.
  • Perfect for cleaning clothes, fruit, jewelry, glasses.

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5% Discount will be available upon checkout


5% Discount will be available upon checkout