Portable Camping BBQ

Portable Camping BBQ

Portable Camping BBQ

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You will definitely enjoy your Barbecue!

Portable Camping BBQ is not only suitable for outdoor entertainment, but also ideal for indoor use. Adjustable output makes it easier for many kinds of food. Just experience cooking in weekends with your family members.
Portable Camping BBQ is save your fuel the firepower of the camping stove is 3800W super strong firepower, which allows you to boil 1L of water in just 4 minutes. Windproof design helps the efficiency of your stove, greatly save fuel.
The weight of the folding backpacking stove is 1lbs. It may more heavier because of its premium material. Perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic, etc.
The camp gas stove has a piezo ignition switch to ensure convenient to use. You just need press the Ignition switch to ignite; adjusting knob allows you to adjust the flame as needed.
Portable Camping BBQ is made of durable, rust-resistant, high temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. It can accommodate different size cookware gear.
Camping Stove


Legs of this single burner stove are detachable and adjustable. Detachable design makes it convenient for transportation. You can cook delicious food outside with this stove easily. It is a good choice to enjoy cooking and roasting outside with your friends.



No need to bring a lot of tools outside anymore. With this portable stove, makes cooking more quickly without waiting too much time. It is suitable for various types of cookware such as pot, saucepan and grill pan. Enjoy delicious food just now!

strong firepower

Name: 3800W Windproof Foldable Stove for Outdoor Backpacking/Hiking
Model: B15
Fuel: Butane/ Propane
Fuel type: Canister fuel
Ignition: Manual
Heat Output : 3800W
Burn Time: gas canister 220g/7.8oz for 56 minutes , 450g/15.9 ozfor 120 minutes
Average Boil Time(1L water under normal temperature): 3 minutes 40 seconds
Flame adjustable: Yes
Material: aluminium alloy, stainless steel
Dimensions: unfold:221mm*72mm fold: 115mm*72mm
Net weight: 360g/12.7oz
Package: 1 stove,1 manual, 1 storage bag
Application: Camping, outdoor cooking
Max support weight: 15KG/33LB
Max pot diameter: 24cm/9.5in

Safety Guideline :

  • Keep the device always away from children.
  • Ensure that the appliance and pump seals are in place and in good condition before fitting the gas cartridge
  • Do not use any gas canister/fuel bottle that leaks
  • During breaks and at the end of each usage switch off the flame immediately
  • Use the device only in properly ventilated places and in sufficient distance form combustible sources
  • Keep the device always away from the face, body or clothes, if it is switched on and in operation.
  • Do not make any modifications or open up the device.

Quick Troubleshooting Guide

Problem: After losing the flame adjuster, the stove cannot be lighted up.
1, Tighten the flame adjuster to close the gas, turn the gas canister clockwise to ensure that the gas valve needle connects well with the gas canister, and try it again.
2, Change another gas canister, and try it again.
3, If you sense the gas coming out, but the stove is not lighted up, please check the leak first, to ensure that the gas does not come out from inappropriate positions such as the gas connection joint, or somewhere in the both end of the tube, if so, please contact us to change parts.
4, If you sense the gas coming out appropriately, but the stove is not lighted up, something must.

Problem: One or two of the 3 ceramic burners does not light up.


  1. The reason that some of burners do not light up is because the gas nozzles of the problematic burners are blocked by impurities.
  2. Please use needle or iron wire to clean the gas nozzles, the gas nozzle is small brass device located in the air vent under each burner.
  3. The way to clean the gas nozzles is that you use the needle or iron wire to insert into the small middle hole and push down, repeat the actions for several times to clear blockage.
  4. Please be noted, the diameter of the middle hole is 0.26mm, therefore, the maximum diameter of the needle or iron wire should be smaller than 0.26mm.

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Item well made and very beautiful. Seller recommended. +++++

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Good product and the seller adds a lot of gifts/accesories

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This stove is great! The product is very beautiful and unique!

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Beautiful quality, m3 loved, arrived in perfect condition, thanks to the seller

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Super quick delivery, beautiful desing and really good quality. Very happy about this deal.

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