Pigmy-Glow In The Dark Pigment Palette

Pigmy-Glow In The Dark Pigment Palette

Pigmy-Glow In The Dark Pigment Palette

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  • The perfect makeup for a wild night out

  • You are not ready for the night until you’re looking special! Our pallets give you chance to express yourself in the best way possible, by highlighting your style in neon lighting!

  • Pigmy applies easily on skin and facial features to help you bring an unseen Halloween look or a flashy face to the party. There are lots of colors to choose from for infinite combinations!

  • Shine brighter than the stars at night and show off your artistic skills in the flashiest of ways! The night is worth remembering when you look like a neon goddess!

  • Why Pigmy is for you

  • Glow with glamour- Pigmy vividly glows in the dark, to highlight every detail! Show off your colorful personality in the best way possible!

  • Spirals of pigments- Pigmy packs 24 vibrant colors for endless imaginative styles! The rainbow is at your disposal to mix and match your favorite colors.

  • Design your fantasy- With some imagination you can transform into a creature of the night! Pigmy is perfect for artists who want to let loose.

  • Pigmy is the ultimate choice- Using our pallets no look is hard to achieve. Highlight your style with neon sparkles to become the party’s queen!

How to Use:

7 Matte Pressed Powder Neon eyeshadow Glows In the dark brightly under UV (ultraviolet) lighting Health and safe ingredients and great quality, Hypoallergic, skin friendly, Cruelty free. Colors easy to apply & wash off. As with all cosmetics, a small skin patch test is recommended before using.

Customer Reviews

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Anais Keebler

Excellent product, high quality for the price you have. The colors pigmented well and glitter and the stars become well attached to the skin. I thought it wouldn't be true, but indeed some of those colors shine with UV light. They diffuse well and hold quite a bit. It came to Me in about two weeks, faster than I expected. The packaging is beautiful. The only hit I see is the smell, well, it smells pretty artificial not like other make-up products that are more perfumed. But I certainly recommend it. It is perfect to experiment with make-up and colors, and with the disco lights it sure looks great (I haven't tried it yet). I don't regret my purchase. I 'd buy it again. Excellent quality-price ratio. I like it a lot and I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again when it's over. It's true that there are other better quality make-up brands, but for the price this palette has is perfect. If you're looking for a euphoria look without going over budget, this is the best option.

Ole Stamm

it is a great product, very much satisfied

Ivy Bradtke

GMOs❤❤❤Incredible pigment and glitter absolutely not disappointed!

Jalyn Pfeffer

Pigmy-Glow In The Dark Pigment Palette

Talon Rohan

very cool

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