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Pet carrier backpack

Pet carrier backpack

Pet carrier backpack

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Don't limit your pet because of age or mobility! Our Pet Carrier Backpack™ is perfect to give your pet a "Piggy-back" ride! Suitable for:

  • Elderly pets with arthritis or joint aches
  • Injured or differently abled pets that find it difficult to walk
  • Pets suffering from separation anxiety
  • Or simply when you want to travel with your pet and keep them close to your heart.
Go on Pet-ventures with your pets without having to worry about them! 

The Pet Carrier Backpack™ is designed with a thick rest bottom pad and an adjustable cavity size that makes your pet feel safe and comfortable. The 3 pockets are provided for you to tuck in your pet's snacks and essentials! The backpack is well ventilated and will make your traveling fuss-free.

The 2 Shoulder straps + Hip belt are broad and sturdy to minimize jerky movements and an extra collar D-ring inside the backpack, holds your pup in place and ensures a smooth and safe journey for your fur kid.

Available in 2 sizes:
dog carrier bag 

*If unsure about sizing, please kindly measure your pet before opting for the size and go for a size bigger.
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