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Car Organizer

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I couldn't find things like tissue, or store extra bottles in my car cuz they get lost very easily. This multifunctional pockets for the back car seat is a great lifesaver!

- Sam Hamminton

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Tick Organize Your Car Easily
Tick Pockets For Everything You Need
Tick Easy to Clean
Tick Hassle-Free Installation
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Your Car Will Never Get Messy Again

Organizing and keeping your car neat has never been easier with ComfyCar Organizer! Especially if you have kids, you'll always find keeping your car from chaos a near-impossible task.

A Back Seat Organizer will definitely come in handy here, where you can easily store and take out kids toys, snacks, tissue and more. It's an essential for all cars for drive-throughs and road trips.

Your Perfect Space Saver

ComfyCar Organizer has enough pockets to store your essentials, such as a tablet, box of tissues, bottles, snacks, and more. Your back seat passengers will be glad to have access to basically everything needed for a road trip.

The Organizer also features a foldable table. Your kids can take a quick bite without dropping everything on the car floor. Or use it as a stand for your tablet or book to keep them entertained.

Your Car's Companion

Made from the highest quality PU Leather, your ComfyCar Organizer is guaranteed to last as long as your car is in service. Rest assured, the Organizer keeps your car seats from getting scratched and is easy to clean. As it is waterproof, you'll only need to give it a good clean with a wet towel once a few months.

Hassle-Free Installation:

Keep your car organized and neat with ComfyCar Organizer today!


Material: PU Leather
Suitable For: All Cars, SUVs, Vans, Minivans
Pocket Quantity: 10 (1x Tissue Pocket, 2x Bottle Pockets, 4x Small Pockets, 2x Big Pockets, 1x Umbrella Pocket)
Weight: 882g
Size: 60 x 43cm

Tags: car
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