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Knitted Woman Leggings

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W0 Eighty-Five-M Violet
W0 Eighty-Five-S Red wine
W0 Eighty-Five-S Navy blue
W0 Eighty-Five-S Black
W0 Eighty-Five-S Violet
W0 Eighty-Five-L Red wine
W0 Eighty-Five-M Dark green
W0 Eighty-Five-S Dark green
W0 Eighty-Five-S Grey
W0 Eighty-Five-L Black
W0 Eighty-Five-M Purple One
W0 Eighty-Five-M Navy blue
W0 Eighty-Five-L Violet
W0 Eighty-Five-L Skin
W0 Eighty-Five-L Navy blue
W0 Eighty-Five-L Coffee
W0 Eighty-Five-L Dark green
W0 Eighty-Five-L Grey
W0 Eighty-Five-M Coffee
W0 Eighty-Five-M Black
W0 Eighty-Five-S Coffee
W0 Eighty-Five-M Grey
W0 Eighty-Five-M Skin
W0 Eighty-Five-S Skin
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Love Feeling Warm and Natural? 

Knitted, Nylon, Spandex, Acrylic

One Size Fit All

So Many Colors to Choose From! A color for Each Outing.

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