Electric Spray Gun

Electric Spray Gun

Electric Spray Gun

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Electric Spray Gun is professional painting jobs both indoors and outdoors. Fully customizable finish with adjustable air flow speed, material flow volume, and spray pattern options (horizontal, vertical and circular). 4 color-coded nozzle tips included (1/16, 5/64, 3/32 and 7/64 inch in diameter) for spraying thick or thin coating materials.

Electric Spray Gun is 5A/600W motor makes this paint gun one of the most powerful ones on the market. Spray, paint, oil, stain, enamel, lacquer, texture, and airbrush coating materials up to 100DIN/sec in viscosity at a max flow rate of 1200ml/min (40.57fl.oz/min), without the need to thin them first.


Multiple uses for home usage including tables, chairs, bicycles, shutters, fences, wooden toys, models, etc. Multiple paint and air flow adjustment options allow you to coat doors, windows, walls, fences, decking, ceilings, floors, cabinets, home furniture, and other objects evenly and with higher quality compared to many, less powerful paint sprayers available.

Kindly Tip: Before spraying, the paint being used may need to be thinned with solvent, as specified by the material manufacturer. Please follow the manual instruction to thin the material.

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✔️4 Nozzle Sizes

Φ1.5mm, Φ1.8mm, Φ2.2mm, Φ2.6mm: They can suit your most projects, you can change different Nozzle Sizes in different painting projects with different needs, which will make your work more efficient.

-1.2-2.2mm are great for thin paints like sealers and varnish.

-2.6mm is great for spraying chalk type paint.

electric spray gun

✔️Flow-rate Adjustable Knob

You can control the flow-rate by twisting the valve Knob for smooth and even application.

Kindly Tip: This paint sprayer is not recommended for the latex paints, particles and corrosive paints and coatings.

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Paint Sprayer specs:

  • Voltage: 110-120V, 50Hz
  • Motor Output: 5A/600W
  • Atomizing output: 1.7A
  • Max flow rate: 40.57fl.oz/min (1200ml/min)
  • Max viscosity: 100DIN/s
  • Cable length: 79.5 inches
  • Package contents:1 paint sprayer with a 33.814 fl.oz container, 4 nozzles (1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 7/64in), 1 DIN measuring funnel cup, 1 cleaning pin, 1 cleaning brush
  • Total weight: 3.5lbs



Q: Can I use this paint sprayer to paint a ceiling?
A: Yep. Whether you wish to paint a floor, ceiling, or wall, the suction tube inside the material container can be easily angled as necessary to suck up every last drop of paint - no matter which angle you're using the paint sprayer at. No waste and a consistent, even finish: Win-win.

Q: Which coating materials can be used with this paint sprayer?
A:You can ‘feed’ your paint sprayer pretty much any liquid material, so long as it isn’t flammable or corrosive. Accepted coating materials include solvent or chalk-based materials, water-soluble lacquer paints, mordants, glazes, impregnation materials, oil based paints, clear varnishes, synthetic enamels, colored paints, alkyd resin varnishes, primers, radiator paints, hammer effect enamels, anti-rust paints, special-effect paints, and textured paints. Just don't use it to water your plants, as a water gun or as a flamethrower.

Q: Will it work with thicker paints?
A: Yes, you don't even need to thin them first as the powerful motor forces thicker paint out with ease. The air flow, coating material amount, spray pattern and speed are all fully adjustable for getting that nice, satisfying mist even when working with very thick painting materials - and using the appropriate nozzle attachment prevents the paint from spraying large chunks.

Product Listing:

1 x Prostormer Paint Sprayer

2 x 1000ml Detachable Containers

4 x Nozzles

1 x Funnel

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Nozzle Cleaning Needle

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The order is delivered by the DPD service. I ordered a spray gun, the product performs its functions while there are no complaints, I recommend the seller. i will add a review later.


Turned on for dry, works, on Sakhalin while it's cold, did not check with paint. OK


It came quickly. Seems to be working. But!!! Some kind of plastic is broken and the box was not sealed, as if opened


The parcel came well packed and without damage. I got her home with a courier. Many thanks to the transport company for fast delivery and also to the producer. I'll check the case immediately. In appearance, made qualitatively and without damage. Thanks again.


A good paint gun, very powerful,

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