Dog Toothbrush Toy

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Pets need Dental care too!

Dog Toothbrush Toy is suitable for small dogs, the bite force of large dogs may be too large, the suction cup may not be able to withstand such great strength and fall off Precautions for use. Keep the surface of the suction cup clean; when absorbing the ground, the floor should be flat and the exposed floor should be wiped clean before use.

This Puppy toothbrush toy is equip with strong suction cup more firmly adsorbed. It can sturdy adhere to the floor, door and glasses to let the pet self playing, just like a fun tug of war, Increase dog's interest, develop dog's intelligence.

Suction cup: if you feel that the suction of the suction cup is not enough, you need to check whether the surface of the suction cup is clean. you can clean it with clear water, wipe it dry, then place it on a smooth ground, press it hard for more than ten seconds, and exhaust the air inside (if the suction is not enough, it may contain a lot of air).

✔️Keep Dog Dental Health

Concave convex design, with greater friction on teeth, which helps clean calculus and dirt effectively, this molar helps to keep teeth clean and fresh breath.

✔️Relieve Boredom

Reduces boredom and destructive behavior, maintaining your dog's physical alertness, as to fulfill their hunting instincts! Help keep your pet's body, physical health, focused, interactive games can improve your pet's overall health and well-being.

✔️Double Suction Cup Design

With adsorption capacity, it can be adsorbed on any plane. The design of 2 suction cups makes the product and dog more interactive. The double suction cup design solves the problem that the suction cup is easily pulled apart, even large dogs can easily play with the toy.

✔️Soft Material

This pet toothbrush toy is made of environmentally friendly and soft TPR. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, safe, and harmless to your love pet. It can gently grind the teeth without scratching the pet's skin. This is the best dog toothbrush you will ever find for you pet.

✔️Materials Upgrading

The suction cup and ball are Made of food-grade TPR. TPR is known for being bite-resistant and for its toughness. The sturdy rope is made of high-density material durable and wear-resistant. Indestructible.

✔️Teeth Cleaning

Chewable rubbers in 360degrees, effectively cleaning pet's teeth. You can put the dog food in the ball, then dogs will try their best to eat the food, when the dog bites it, the serration inside can clean the food residue in the teeth

✔️Multifunctional Interaction

Chew Toy Built-in small bell - When the ball is shaken, the small bell inside will make sound, attracting the dog's interest and increasing the interactive taste effectively Chews help relieve boredom and discourage destructive behavior.


Item name: Pet sucker molar toy
Material: TPR
4 types(optional): White round toy / Blue round toy / Green long toy / Light blue long toy
Product weight: 245g

Package information:

Package weight: 260g
Package size: 12*12*16cm
Package list: 1*Pet sucker molar toy


There is no dog toy that is indestructible, we know that a dog's behavior can unpredictable. FOR INCREASING THE SERVICE LIFE OF THE TOY, we suggest you supervise your dog when it is playing the toy. If you have any questions or if you are unsatisfied with the product, please feel free to contact us, we will happily assist you till you are satisfied.

Customer Reviews

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It's a good quality toy, I'm little disappointed because my dog doesn't want to play with it but other dogs love it so I have to talk very serious with my dog.


It came quickly, about 3 weeks before Belarus Very ironic toy but our smart dog is more interesting to click the sucker than play with the ball) Recommended seller!


very well


Very good seller don't hesitate, I had a problem with the product but I got it fixed quickly and nicely.


Quality is good. Rubber almost does not smell. The dog still does not understand what to do with it, but it's not the manufacturer's fault)

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