360 Degree adjustable car phone holder

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Our 360 Degree Adjustable Car Phone Holder is a stylish car mount that fits in your cup holder. Its gooseneck holder gives the perfect display with a swivel base. The base expands to fit in any size of the cup holder in cars or other vehicles. The grips hold your phone tight and prevent it from falling even with a heavy case. It has a modern look that serves the purpose very well. Phone mount makes your cellphone a companion on those long road trips saving you from loneliness and boredom. 

  • The product can mount your mobile device securely on your car while you are driving

  • Adjustable cup, turn dial and bottom base will expand so you can use with any size cup holder

  • 360 degree rotatable holder to suit your desired angle

  • The clip will expand and contract so you can mount many different devices such as cell phones, MP3 players, GPS, etc.

  • The minimum width is 5.5cm and the maximum width is 10cm

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