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Magnetic Tool Pad

Magnetic Tool Pad

Magnetic Tool Pad

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The Magnetic Tool Pad is a magnetic pad that you can attach to anything metallic and it'll hold and cling onto your tools while you work in the garage, under a car hood, and more.

Soft&Flexible, won't scratch any surface.

Magnetic Tool Mats are an especially good alternative to knife blocks and scissors. It's also safer than keeping then in a drawer where you might have to humble around and risk cutting yourself.

  • Uses extra-strong magnets to hold pretty much any tool you put on including screwdrivers, pliers, wire-strippers, and even bolts, nuts, screws, sockets, nails, and more.
  • Flexible so it'll stick to pretty much any shape of metallic surface
  • Super strong, durable, and extra reliable
  • Scratch resistant, and will cling to a variety of different types of surfaces
  • Material: rubber sponge+magnet
  • Size: 29.5x20x0.5cm (11 inches long x 8 inches wide)

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