Opticlom-Optical Magnifying Glasses

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Work with ultimate optical accuracy

Precise work requires the keenest of eyes, Opticlom magnifies your view to the diopter you need! Using it's 5 interchangeable lenses nothing will be out of your sight!

If it gets to dark turn on the LED light to get an even clearer view of all the details. Opticlom is made for continued work, the adjustable rubber handles fit and sit comfortably!

Wheatear you need an accurate view of your home project or professional work you’ll find Opticlom to be the best optical choice for work that requires ultimate precision!


Why Opticlom is for you

Perfect your craft- Put on the right magnifying glasses and adjust the viewing angle you need to ensure every detail is put right!

Create the clearest view- The LED eliminates the details of any surface, giving you clear working vision even in the dark!

Crafted for comfort- Opticlom serve as glasses or headbands, you won’t even notice them. You can work all day with them without any discomfort!


1. 5 Kinds of Magnification: 1.0X, 1.5X, 2.0X, 2.5X, 3.5X

2. Glasses Leg & Headband Switchable: Press the side button to take down glasses legs and mount headband for replacement; This design solves the problem of heavy loading. Common bracket-type eyeglasses magnifier is easy to fall off due to heavy weight of lens and led light module, while this item can solve such a problem completely. If long time use is needed, you can transfer the eyeglass legs into headband state, which can work comfortable and never fall down.

3. Non-Fall Structure: Lens and lens holder can be firmly interlocked by each other when you hear a crisp click sound during installation, easy snap on/off design.

4. Nose Bridge With Comfort Fit: Nose bridge holder made in stainless steel, wrapped with skin-like rubber coat, can fit for different users with absolute loading comfort

5. Adjustable Lens Angle & LED Light Angle: Lens angle and led lighting are both adjustable, making the light source precisely cast to objects to be observed, very convenient use.  

6. High Brightness LED: 2LEDs built in, with easy push-type ON/OFF button to control.

7. H5 Hard Lens: Lens surface through strengthening process, hardness reaches to 5H, super sturdy

8. Movable Lens Slot: Glide the lens slot module with proper force to adjjst focal length between lens and object, and distance between lens and eyes  

9. Power Supply: Powered by 3*AAA batteries(Battery not included), instead of the oold version by button cells, the new version driven by large battery to prolong its work time a lot, no need to replace batter frequently.

10.Application: Suitable for reading book/newspaper, drawing pictures, making handicrafts, repairing electronic and appreciating flower/potted landscapes, etc


Product Material: acrylic lenses + ABS + metal

Item Size(With eyeglasses legs mounted): 145mm x 180mmx73mm

Lens Size: 85mmx28.5mm

5 Kinds of Magnification: 1.0X, 1.5X, 2.0X, 2.5X, 3.5X

Battery: 3 * AAA (Not included)

(Lens Slot) Focus Length Adjustment Method:

The minimum distance between lens(on lens slot ) and eyes is 45mm, the maximum is 65mm. The closer the distance is, the wider the view field will be, and vice versa.

Package Contains:

1 * Reading Eyeglass

1 * Elastic Headband

5 * Acrylic lenses: 1.0X, 1.5X, 2.0X, 2.5X, 3.5X

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